Are you stuck in your career? Are you struggling with relationships or excess weight? Acknowledging that your life is all your "fault" can be the most empowering thing you will do. Let me explain.

The first time you realise that I realised that I am responsible for my life was a HUGE shock. I was about 8 kilograms heavier than my ideal weight and I had been trying to lose that same weight for about two years. It wasn't my fault, you see, I have a thyroid problem, my ankle is sore so I can't really exercise, I have to cook for my children and they like to eat certain foods blah blah blah. My list of excuses (and things to blame) was endless. If it wasn't my fault then I didn't need to do anything about it right? My mentor wasn't buying any of that! She asked me to get an app and track everything I ate. Well!!! Wasn't that an eye opening experience.

I was eating about 2-3000 more kilojoules than I thought. All those salty, crunchy chips I ate while mindlessly watching tv, all the chocolate I ate in the afternoon because I needed a pick up, the desserts that I "deserved" because I work hard - all of that added up. I was totally in denial about how much I was eating. So after cutting out all those "treats" I have managed to release 2 kilograms in 4 weeks. I still have the same thyroid, the same ankle and the same children, I'm just not blaming them for anything anymore AND I'm getting closer to feeling fit and healthy!

When you are blaming other people or situations for your unhappiness you put give away all your power. You throw away your power to change your situation and your thoughts about it. You are trapped in feeling unhappy, frustrated and downright miserable. You are powerless to change it. Not a great place, right? Blaming closes your heart, it contracts your soul. You are unable to see things clearly and you don't hear the whispers of your intuition. You can begin to lose faith and spiral down.

<REALLY IMPORTANT POINT blaming yourself or anyone else is never really the answer, say you are taking responsibility instead of making things your "fault">

When you start taking responsibility for your situation, your career, the state of your relationships and your feelings, you are open to new possibilities and answers. Your heart expands, you are able to hear your intuition, to see the value in feedback and your self esteem soars. When you start seeing how you are contributing to dysfunctional relationships you can do something about it! See how you can improve your career and even improve your health like I did.

The first time you realise that you are responsible for your life can be a shock.

So stop blaming anyone including yourself and start taking charge of your life!

  • What is one area, just one, where you can take a little more responsibility?
  • Where have you been in denial (like I was) about your health?
  • What is one action, one step you can take today to reclaim your life as your own?